Friday, June 17, 2011

The Razor's Edge for Friday 6/17/11

Thanks to Ariel Gore, I have a new writing prompt source.

I started a couple of posts today around The Razor's Edge, but didn't get very far, because I've been working on the major edits and rewrites of the memoir. Which I know I've written about a time or two or three recently. Today was a big day of typing in those revisions and making more revisions as I moved my notes from the handwritten format to the digital format. And discovered one chapter I thought was done but really wasn't.

I was going to do something clever and come up with prompts which allude to the memoir, but not give it away. Something related to the title. What I realize may only be a working title, but I've been working with this working title so long that I can't really conceive of it being called anything else now. Really. I've even organized the chapter titles in relation to the memoir's working title.

Which has nothing to do with this week's prompt.

Except that I couldn't generate anything myself except edits on the memoir and I couldn't find anything that I thought was inspirational or fun or anything except - well - nothing.

Which is why I'm not doing a video or a song or pictures this week.

I'm passing along this prompt generator. Which is great. And is thanks to Ariel.

This week (and I know I've been a little random with the Razor's Edge recently), I'm directing you to a simile generator. Click on the link below, then follow the instructions - and write!

Your simile might be something like this: "Her intelligence was like a canyon" (oh, I like it!)
...or... "His excitement is like a tavern"
...or even ... "His loyalty was like a swimming pool"

Have fun and let the simile lead you to a stream of words which become a story. Get your simile, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write!