Tuesday, March 22, 2011


View from the Oceanside cottage.
The memoir piece has been submitted. A few more tweaks after I got home and voila - I consider it done.

I showed it to my partner who is, in addition to an artist and an educator and a therapist, a former copy editor and proofreader. So she catches some of those little things. We had a brief discussion about alright versus all right. I've had this discussion with others and read articles about it. I went to the 'net. I thought about it. And decided to go with her suggestion this time. Where I'd used it, the two-word and more correct version was absolutely the better choice. And was not what I'd put on the page.

It feels really done. This has had a lot of editing. And I can say it's probably the first time I can say that I enjoyed the editing process.

Editing is not my favorite part of writing. I know it's necessary; but it doesn't usually feel as creative and productive and can be tedious. But this one wasn't. And I could track the changes and improvements.

Now to find my next submission goal!