Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Pressing the Reset Button

As the college term comes to an end, I have the opportunity - again - to build more writing time back into my schedule.

Let me correct myself already: to build in more editing and revision time. I actually have done well with my writing time. I have continued to meet with Deb once or twice a week when she comes into town; and I've pretty consistently met with Jenny to write once a week. Plus I've had other writing time on my own and the three of us did have another long day of writing together. So I've been writing, doing the quick writes and assignments for my online group/class, and doing feedback on the assignments (though I did fall off feedback on the quickwrites near the end). Writing has continued - editing stalled.

I have a big freelance interpreting job on Saturday which requires a lot of preparation (it's the statewide poetry recitation competition), after which I will have final journals and assignments to grade for the students in my classes. After that - more time for editing. And I will make it happen. I'm only teaching one internship course next term, so that will open up time. And I have only one play. So I think this will happen.

Although I am considering doing Script Frenzy in April. With the awareness that I write more and generate more ideas when I'm writing more. Sound like a circle of reasoning? It is - and it's true. I actually am more creative and productive during NaNoWriMo than other parts of the year, even though I was also doing the online group, teaching, doing my regular interpreting work -- I wrote more and had more ideas when I was also writing the 50,000+ word novel in 30 days!

Go figure.

And I am. I will not give up on me nor give in to my frustration that my editing has gone slower than I hoped. As I recently told Bonnie in an email - I did make progress. So that counts and that's what is important. I'll set a new goal - and should probably set myself a timeline to get the next draft done; I do well with deadlines!