Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do "-------" in 30 Days

We're at the end of March. Surprise! Not really, I know.

What this means is that in just a couple days, there will be more complete X in 30 days activities. Which I may or may not participate in. Which I'm obviously thinking about participating in - and wondering if it's a good idea or a bad idea.

Maybe I could just say "it's an idea" rather than layering it with judgment heavy words. Good v. Bad. Yes, I like that better.

Back to my point. My options: [1] NaPoWriMo or PAD (Poem A Day), or [2] Script Frenzy.

I thought about doing Script Frenzy last year but chickened out (sorry, don't mean to malign chickens). It seemed too big and like I might fail. So, instead, I did NaPoWriMo (then just last week I saw there's another group that set up PAD as an option; looks like the same thing) - and I did write a poem every day. Some of those daily poems I did more work on and some have flown out into the world -- though not yet published.

I'm also working on the memoir - as my last post mentioned. And it's gaining it's own momentum:  there is an exponentially growing sense of completion and awareness of where it's going as I work on it. I'm also in  Ariel Gore's Literary Kitchen again - with a focus on the memoir, but an openness to wherever the prompts lead me. And I want to be sending out more submissions.

Oh - and I just renewed my membership with IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center) - because I saw that they have changed their orientation training to a time I can do it. I'm excited. I have projects in mind.

So, I have non-work projects lined up. All related to writing (yes, the IPRC projects are writing centered!). And now I'm considering doing another "in 30 days" event - and wondering if I'm crazy or if it will actually help my creativity!


Thinking I'll do Script Frenzy.

What's the worst that can happen?

I don't complete the 100 pages. Right!