Friday, March 4, 2011

special congratulations

I had the luck to be with my friend and writing partner, Jenny, when she received news that she'd won a writing contest. We were at our usual writing spot at our usual time when she got The Call.

I'm almost as excited as she is - and I will get to be there when she reads her winning prose, alongside other published writers and artists. It will be at Hugo House in Seattle, Washington, on March 18th.

Congratulations, Jenny! You earned this and your entry is awesome.

note to update on me: I'm still sick, though much better. I've been lying low, taking it easy, and trying to just get well. And still getting behind on grading and all - a partial excuse is that I'm also preparing to interpret a state poetry recitation contest next week - my third year. It's a great event and I love doing it. So, I'm behind on posting here, as well. I will get back on track.


And one more shout of hurrah for Jenny!