Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writing Continuity

I have been doing quite a bit of writing - though not much on my posts. aside from the small stones. Writing these small daily observations has been wonderful. They keep me on the lookout for something positive each day. Some of the days recently haven't been that great - but needing to find one small beautiful or unique or colorful thing has been nice.

Things are not going badly. Just a little ramped up in the busy-ness category. Add to it that I'm not 100% recovered from the accident and that's annoying. I've just had three good days with practically no symptoms - which was awesome. Today there was a slight flare-up - and, luckily, I had a massage scheduled. Cydney was wonderful and the area that was bothering me resolved. She also reminded me that the area is a little weakened and so these flare-ups will happen. But I'm definitely on the mend - and sometimes it's the little minor flare-ups that are irritating. But my health care appointments are being spread out and the treatments are holding. Good news!

As far as writing, I am. I did a weekend memoir intensive last weekend with Ariel Gore here in Portland. It was a great experience and there were awesome writers with wonderful stories to share. And the online writing class-community started last weekend, too. So there are two weekly writes there, as well - one 8-minute quick write and one longer writing assignment.

I'm moving forward on my memoir. I have a pretty good idea of where the book will end - which is new. Before I've had all this material, I have a great beginning, I've had some great scenes and stories - but I didn't know where to stop, where the story would end. Then last week I had an insight. I have an end-point; or two. There may be a part one and a part two. Or just one. But now I know when I'll get to the end. More good news.

I also have two writing dates per week set up and mostly they are working out. There are other days in the week for writing, too - but I love having two times set up where I'm committed to meeting up with someone else to write. It's working well.

Off to a good start.

I feel my life is getting back on track.