Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MissFit Dragons capture the flag

This is a great picture from the Rose Festival Dragon Boat races last weekend. It shows the coming together of all of our work and training: the paddlers give us the momentum to get from the start on the east side of the river to the finish on the west side of the river, I steer us from point A to B in as straight a line as possible to maximize the efforts of the paddlers and to hit our target - the flag, then Tawna grabs it from its buoy and raises it high to signal the time-keepers, with our coach-caller Nikki kneeling on the deck keeping us in time and motivated. We all work together to make it happen - each piece important on its own and yet its significance is lost without the others: power, direction, achievement, and guidance.

Thanks for the beautiful picture and the amazing weekend, Nikki.
You brought us all together.