Tuesday, June 29, 2010

day 5: Grand Canyon rafting

Somewhere around this day will be the well-known Havasu Creek and Havasu Canyon. Another gorgeous site with incredibly clear crystal waters. Look at the transition from one to the other at the rafting video below.

I know there is much more we will have seen today. This will be over half-way through the trip. We will probably be stinky, though I doubt that will matter.

I will not have any type of timepiece with me. No blackberry, old Palm VX calendar, clock, watch. Floating through the days, guided by the river (and the motor on the raft; we're not on a paddling raft - I'm fine with that), the sun coming in over the canyon walls and leaving us in their shadows on the other side.

There probably will be some sort of transformation. I can only guess. I don't know. I do know something will have changed or will be changing.

Like the waters going from terracotta mud color to topaz blue glittering.