Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Singer Songwriter Congratulations Due

Congratulations to Singer Songwriter Julianna Waters.

Julianna, of Heart and Hammer, was a winner at the Wildflower competition in Richardson, Texas. I had the pleasure of hearing her perform at Artichoke Music Cafe not too long before the trip down there. I've known her for many years - and have even interpreted for her and Barry - and her music just keeps getting better.

I've posted links to some of her music before, some as writing prompts. Julianna is also a writer and has a poem that will be appearing in print soon, too. There are several songs to choose from on her website, but here is a link to one of my favorites, Time Flies.

She definitely has a gift for words - and a voice and musical talent to match.

Congratulations, Julianna!