Friday, May 21, 2010

Razor's Edge for 5/21/10

I've been reading about characters recently. How to write them. How important they are to writing - well, at least to fiction writing. Exercises. Styles.

Then tonight, while looking for something totally unrelated, there was the 'related video' below (which was not at all related to what I was looking for).

So I am, again, going with the creative flow of the - or my - universe at this moment in time.

This week's Razor's Edge focuses on *character*

The video is Joyce Carol Oates' "On Writing Characters." This is an excerpt from a longer talk and there is a link at the end of the video to where you can watch the entire speech.

Watch the video about characters in writing, and then select one of the paintings below that - all by Serena Barton, from her "Saints, Artists, and Other Curious Folk" collection - to create a story around character. If you choose one of the paintings with several characters, you can either choose one person's perspective or write a story about all of them.

paintings by Serena Barton:

  • Teatro dei Assassini
  • Waiting for the "All-Clear"
  • Flora and her Brothers