Friday, May 28, 2010

Razor's Edge for 3/28/10

This week the theme of the parts of the world I inhabit, or that is inhabited by my friends who share their experiences with me, has been collision. Collision of things unintended. Of desire and need requiring a common ground but the options do not seem compatible on the surface, perhaps; or require a bit of adjustment in perspective or expectations or acceptance.

It is not all bad, this colliding. But all change - I am constantly reminded - carries with it a bit of stress. Even positive change is creates stress, though I still hold onto the belief that there is no universal experience of "stress" and, since all change creates stress, and being alive means being in a state of constant change, then shouldn't we stop beating ourselves up mentally and trying to avoid all stress all the time? Doesn't this constant sense of failure create more negative stress?

I'm ranting and rambling now. Defensive or projecting, perhaps. Less stress is better, I agree. And if the bulk of that stress comes from positive change, then maybe the negative health effects are less (just my guess, I don't have any research to back up that statement).

Again, I'm rambling.

This week's prompt set is about COLLISION

It has three parts:
[1] Listen to the Andreas Mavrides video first and just write what comes to you as you listen. The goal this week is to just write. Don't edit. Don't wonder what it's about. Let it flow out of the pen or through your fingers on the keyboard.
[2] Read my freewrite as I was listening to The part Transcending part 8/8.
[3] Watch & listen to the Anna Oxygen video. Write a response to either your freewrite from part one above, or to my write from the Transcending video.


[2] freewrite 5/28/10 by Dot
Walking to the edge of the outline, wondering where it came from and who put it there, she dared to look up. She hadn't intended to do anything but look at the figure on the ground. To see if she could see from the outline who this person was when they inhabited a body, when they could walk and breathe and smell the air just like she was doing now.

A shadow.

Left behind a shadow on the earth of a life that has ended.

How or why or who, she had no idea. This remnant drawn by someone else's hand the only acknowledgment in this place of this other life which was now gone.

That shadow crossed her eyes and she looked up and she saw. Not a beacon of light nor the glow of a soul. What she saw made her stop, pause, reconsider her own senses. The energy this other being left behind reflected back to her herself. The energy magnetic and luminescent with mirror-like qualities that let her see inside herself. Against the backdrop of the other's breath.

She put her right palm against her cheek. Glided her fingertips over her lips, across her chin, down to her throat. Felt the pulse of her heart in the right dip of her neck.


The other was not.

Alive and seeing her essence floating in the detritus of another being's life.