Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today I had jury duty. Here in Multnomah county that means that you call in the night before the day of your service to see if you're still needed. Which I did and I was. (Note that this was a rescheduled jury duty day; the original date had a conflict so I picked this one.) We only have to go for one day every two or so years. Not even one trial; just one day. Unless we're selected for the Grand Jury, which is a month of service (and I would hope I could be excused since I don't have an employer that pays me while I'm off!); or, like one trial I was sent up to as a potential juror, where it was expected to go three days.

But I went with script in hand for the play I'm interpreting Friday night, and the file for the Cascade Lakes Relay team, and The Novel in its handy zipper folder complete with file pockets and notecards and scratch paper.

But I was called early in the day to go up for the trial. The voir dire was unusually long and there were 30 of us potential jurors (they picked twelve). But, alas, I was not selected. And I was not surprised and not disappointed (I've done jury duty several times; I never get selected on car accident cases - perhaps it's previous work as an office administrator for an alternative health care clinic that was run by a couple of chiropractors... hmm).

Those of us not selected were sent back to the jury room and it was 10 minutes until the lunch break so they dismissed us for lunch.

After lunch I went back, we had the afternoon announcements. And we sat. I read through my script more (we're interpreting Friday night, so it has priority). Then they announced that we were being dismissed early. Two hours. Yay.

Walked to the car and up all five flights to my car at the parking garage. Yay! I could still breathe when I got to my car although I'm not at the level I was before getting sick; but three weeks ago I wouldn't have made it up one flight, let alone five.

Drove home through traffic.

Typed up the notes for the relay team meeting tonight and printed out the leg division to distribute.

Thought I'd take a nap. But, no. Only 30 minutes until I had to be on the road to the meeting.

Now it's hours later. The meeting is done. I'm at my part-time job.

And tired.

And nothing done on The Novel today.

Priorities. And a change in plans. I thought I'd have a couple hours at jury duty - but not to happen today. And no nap.

Tomorrow I nap. After I work and before dragon boat practice.

The Novel will have to wait until Friday. I have a writing date in the morning and it will be focused on The Novel.

My reminder that I can't always count on overlapping projects happening as I plan. No worries and no stress. And I am definitely planning The Novel time for Friday the 21st. Yay.

And a reminder that I need to keep The Novel time sacred (except for jobs I scheduled last fall - such as the play on Friday night).