Friday, September 25, 2009


originally posted at Run Around for Write Around Portland

A friend was planning to do the Mayor's Walk with me on October 4th. Unfortunately, she had outpatient surgery, which resulted in about 20 stitches, and the doctor telling her it wouldn't be a good idea. The stitches come out just before the event.

My friend was bummed. We did the event together last year - the first time either of us had participated. We were looking forward to doing it together this year - 12 months of fitness training and miles walking/paddling/biking/elipticalling (I know, that's not a word!). She felt badly that I might have to do it without a walking partner; I told her it was fine, I would use it as my pace training that day.

She laughed. She reminded me that last year we stood there at the start on the bluff near UofP, with our eyes toward downtown and nearly cried. It looked so far; it was drizzly; it was only our second event and it was an overwhelming site. Now here I am saying "it's my pace training for the week."

Things do change. With training and persistence, things improve. And it's important to look at my accomplishments sometimes, too. It's too easy for me to look at what didn't go as planned, e.g. "darn, I only did 17.5 minute miles today; what happened?" or "wow, I didn't stretch enough and my right shin and big toe are so cramped." Those may be true. But it's also true that, while completing the 10k at 2 hours and 9 minutes last year was great - this year I'm aiming to complete it in under 1 hr 42 minutes.

Keeping perspective is important. And friends can help do that.

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