Sunday, September 7, 2008

T:BA:08 so far

This was going to be a discussion about some thoughts and experiences I've had as a result of my T:BA experiences so far, but has turned into a mini-review. So I will go with that for now and then talk about thoughts and feelings.

My favorites so far:

"Built" by Sojourn theatre. A definite piece of art related to the space in which it happens, which explores boundaries and all things urban. Mead Hunter has an excellent review of the performance at MrMead's Pupu Platter. The performances end tonight, so, if you're reading this, go if you can - although it's probably sold out.

"Ten Tiny Dances" was a one-time occurrence at T:BA, but you can catch a performance at other times of the year, since it is a local event. I always like the smorgasbord of offerings (ten dance performances on a small 4x4 stage; although last night there were only eight due to illness and someone else needing to back out) and am moved and inspired by what I see; you don't have to be a dancer to be inspired by the performances. Usually there is a Ten Tiny Dances performance in the spring sometime. Mike Barber, the founder, mentioned he is thinking about what to do for their 20th performance (last night was #17). That will be an event to not be missed.

"England" by Tim Crouch was an excellent performance and interesting experience. One genderless character being played simultaneously-alternately by two actors, one male, one female. It gives us what is happening inside of our experience while we are experiencing it; nesting and holding simultaneously. There is more to this complex performance which takes place at the Elizabeth Leach gallery - which you can read for yourself and I don't want to give any more away. I also was lucky to be one of the participants in his morning workshop, which went over by an hour and we all were glad. There are several more performances through Thursday of this week. Go if you can.

I've been to a couple others which I enjoyed, but didn't make it to my favorites list.

There is only one I didn't like and which I left before it was done. It is nearly three hours long; at 30 minutes I was questioning why this was made and by an hour I knew I wouldn't make it through and wondered if there was any way it could redeem itself if I hung around. When the word "intermission" appeared on the screen over a cheesy/kitchy sunset background, I was so out of there, as was half of the remaining audience (a quarter of the viewers had left before making it that far). It was the "Day is Done" film by Mike Kelley. Here is one person's review of it from the TBA blog, which talks about some of the artist's intent and style, something I can't do since I didn't experience that myself when I was watching. I'd be curious to hear what other people think of it - especially filmmakers, screen writers, those moved by film in a way that I may not experience.

Tonight will be poetry and satiric comedy. No late night at The Works, though, since I have an early morning job out of town.