Saturday, September 20, 2008

side trip

Today after our training was done, a few of us took a ride to the peak on the longest tram in the world. While up there, we took a short 30 minutes or so hike. I feel great about even the short hike, though, because we were at around 10,350 feet.

While up there, we saw three parasailers take off from the peak. We missed the initial push off, but saw them begin their floating descent from behind a small stand of brush and trees. By the time we climbed the small slope to where they were launching, the remaining member of their group had decided to cancel his trip down the mountains due to the quickly approaching storm. We could see the rain falling from the sky nearly horizontally out from us and the rain blocking the sun, streaking our view, and spreading dust as it hit the ground far below us.

One more day of training and then I fly back home. In a plane.

NOTE: and these are not my pictures. I linked
to them, so if you click on the picture,
it should take you to the origin, where
you can see who actually took them.
They just represent what I
experienced or witnessed.
Lest anyone should be confused.