Wednesday, September 17, 2008

getting back to honest

I met with my writing buddy tonight. We picked a new place to meet, because we haven't found "it" in terms of a mutually satisfying experience. But there was a coffee shop we both knew -- which was closed when we arrived.

Luckily, one of our favorite restaurants was right actoss the street, open, and they have wifi.

Which is not the point of this post, except to say that was the preceding event. A writing date.

After we closed down the restaurant (the last customers to leave), we stood at our cars and talked for over an hour. My friend talked a while about my dedication to my blogging and my ability to keep up with it.

ouch! Guilt crept in. I'm not doing it daily right now; I've been busy (mostly last week busy with T:BA - yay!). Sometimes I take the easy way and copy or insert something really good that someone else sent me. Which is fine ... but I also want to write my own thoughts.

Which is why I'm here. Now.

an istoc photo discovered