Saturday, August 9, 2008

on the eve of our first walking event

Tomorrow is the Providence Bridge Pedal - in which my workout partner and are I participating by doing the Bridge Stride. We will meet up at her house at 7:30 am and then head into downtown, where the event begins.

This is the five mile walk which will take us across two of Portland's bridges, one of which is the tallest bridge in Portland (the Fremont bridge, which is a double-decker for I-405 traffic going from I-5 north on the east side of the Willamette river and through downtown and then connects back with I-5 south on the west side of the river). We each picked up our "vests" for the stride earlier this week. They look more like florescent yellow half-bibs (and maybe that's why they call them vests instead of bibs) and where the bottom of the front is on a large breasted woman is, well, interesting. At least the elastic is loose enough it's comfortable - but it looks kind of silly and I'm sure we will not be alone. This will be a sight, though. But it will be fun and it will feel like an accomplishment when we're through.

It's a big step in doing something different - literally and figuratively. This is another transition time and I'm not sure even what all of my choices are, let alone what I want. I do know I want to keep going down this path of more walking and exercise (which is why I met with a personal trainer last week to see if we are a fit (I think so!) and why I have the first appointment/assessment scheduled with her for Monday). And to do more writing on a regular basis. Now I just need to figure out how to put in one to two hours on most days for working out and another block of time on a regular basis for writing. And then there's the work.

And right now all I have to do is get to bed so I have enough sleep for tomorrow morning! The weather should be perfect (cool and slightly overcast) and the company will be great.