Saturday, August 23, 2008

land that t/// my brain forgot

So much has been going on and my brain apparently went into overload. Or something. I thought I was keeping track of things and accomplishing tasks, getting back to people, handling changes and work and life pretty well.

Then this morning I realized two things that I had completely spaced out on: one for over a week now and the other for nearly three days. I don't mean just put off and didn't get back to working on them, I mean a full out, gone from thought, as if it didn't exist -- fvooop! Nada. Then tonight, another forgotten item surfaced when I received an email from someone I fully intended to respond to but - oops, it was gone.

I'm not sure what to say about it except, oops. I still have to call one person back (that was the first disappearing "to do" from over a week ago). The second one was responded to (email from a friend). The third one was also completed (checking in online for a training which just ended today; luckily I was near a library when I had a break, so I was able to check in and be there on the last day).

If this wasn't a life-long pattern (which I thought I'd erased from my behavior pattern; guess not), I might be concerned. Overall, this seems short-term and the first and third forgotten items had/have elements of whether it was/is a good idea, do I want to, and so on. With the friend's email, it was a simple matter of timing and it getting lost in the myriad of things which all came in at once.

Wow. I'm glad I'm working on arranging my life and schedule a little better. I hate blocking out something I committed to do. And maybe what I hate worse is committing to do something I maybe don't want to do or have doubts about.

"Forgetting" by Sarah Harper