Friday, August 1, 2008

afternoon update

I was going to just post a quick temperature update, which is, by the way,
  • 103 degrees at 3:20 pm
... and it usually reaches its peak somewhere between 5-7 pm. Sigh. (Home is showing a temperature of 73 degrees.)

Good news is that all teaching responsibilities are done. Had the final wrap-up meeting with students and took hundreds of pictures and I am not exaggerating. Final staff meeting and totaled students' scores. And I have 90% of my stuff packed up and ready to go (the other 10% I need to get through tonight).

I am taking a little break here from preparing to interpret the completion celebration tonight. The Dean of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences will be speaking briefly, a student presentation, a student speaker, and a nationally recognized researcher, interpreting instructor (and more) will be speaking, as well. So looking over what we have of their speeches, how to spell names, all the things we do to insure there is a smooth and accurate interpretation of the night's events.

So I popped online to check the temperature and post an update -- and noticed the picture of Portland was no longer showing the rain. I thought maybe the transfer process corrupted the file or there was a technical issue of some sort. I clicked on the picture to view the (larger) original and it looked different than it did this morning. I went back to my blog and, yes, indeed, the Loveland picture was also different than what I posted.

What's up? I thought.

Duh! I realized. I didn't download the picture and then paste it in. I put in a direct link to the webcam site, which updates the picture. Sometimes I amaze myself with the little things it I don't get right away. Just a funny little story I thought I'd share. So, who knows, maybe tomorrow my picture of rain in Portland will be sunny and warm and Loveland will be overcast and dark.