Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Writing. Moving Forward. Time

The only problem with driving vacations is that driving time takes away from writing time.

Driving vacations give you plenty of conversation time when you're traveling with someone. But less of the down time when you get to your destination. Although, for some of us (me), the driving is part of the "down time."

Which may seem kind of weird. But not to me. I love driving.

But this lack of non-driving down time didn't allow for much writing on our recent trip to Los Angeles. I'm not complaining; simply observing. The trip was wonderful and we had nice visits with Ian and Ruby.

Now I have the opportunity to remedy the lack of down time for writing by taking a writing retreat to the coast! I just happened to end up with a few days off in a row - completely unplanned but very welcome - so last week I decided to use this time for writing.

I had many options to fill the time. Really. Many. No exaggeration.

Oh - the part I haven't yet said? I received an email while we were in L.A. that the writing for the Writing By Writers workshop in May is due on April 10th.

So. Nothing like a deadline to light the fire. And, to be fair, I did start working on something about four weeks ago, but there is still plenty to do. And what needs to be done is time intensive and a large block of time.

Which I will have. Soon.

Time. Water. Salt air. A comfortable place to sleep, with a view, with power for my laptop.

Time for writing.