Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shift in Focus

Today ended a long run of interpreted performance events for me (interpreting myself, coordinating, working on an upcoming workshop). It has been a great several weeks and now I have a couple weeks of focus back on my writing.

Well, my writing and the writing of the writers in my cohort at the Writing X Writers Methow Valley workshop. 

At my last post here, I was at the coast. At the condo alone, with the ocean front view, my laptop, and everything I needed to stay in and write. And sleep. And write.

Which I did. My writing piece was due by April 10th; I made the deadline.

Then a few days later I received an email with all of the 15 to 20 pages of writing from the other eleven people in my writing cohort. Because of two plays and the first meeting of a new in-person writing critique group, I have barely started on the Methow Valley manuscripts.

That is going to change now.

The interpreted performances went really well today and there was a nice size of signing audience present, which always feels good.

My next interpreted show is not until the end of May, so now, I will dive into the manuscripts.

After a good night's sleep following a day of work well done.