Thursday, March 31, 2016

Writing as Part of the Path

A story often is more than what we see on the page on our hands in our minds. This story is like that. This particular story I'm talking about is how this thought came to be, which is not what I'm writing about here. Now.

It is enough for now to say that I came across the photo below with the search terms "writing" and "mandala." I'm not going to write more about why I was using those terms to search - no, not now. There is something in process and this, right now, is about what I found.

This photo, while it is not a mandala (or maybe it is in a different way), had a significant impact on me when I saw it. Even though it is not at all what (I thought) I was searching for, it was what I was searching for.

Later, this may become more clear. Or not.

For now. This photo reminds me of the path I'm traveling and the place of writing (and more) on this journey. Exploration.

Photo from Jenna Avery