Friday, August 10, 2012

Razor's Edge for 8/10/12: from the word bag

Today's prompts are words picked from my word bag. Actually it's a lovely orange envelope of words given to me by Ariel Gore in a writing workshop a few years ago. I still carry it with me, re-adhering it to the inside cover of the new journal as I fill one up and move to another. I still keep the orange envelope of words inside the bigger red envelope with an oversized jack rabbit picture pasted onto the front. I know the rabbit is oversized because it is a giant in comparison to the scene in which it was placed. And I added a picture on the front of the orange envelope; something I found in a magazine or on an art opening postcard, it inspires me.

The word bag idea, and the words themselves, come from another amazing and inspiring writer, Lynda Barry. They're from one of her books and she gives permission to copy and carry them with you. She has several versions of these handy inspirations, including a set of questions to copy and carry to help move you through the stuck places.

So, all in all, this is a very useful word bag to have with me. Words and inspiration passed down from author to author to author and so on.

So, write a story with the two words I will now pick from the magical writerly envelope. Well, what do you know, I pulled out three words. So here are your three words: