Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just 'cuz

It's important to remember that there are different perspectives in almost any situation. When talk gets loud and emotions are revved, there may be more to the story or missing information.

I've learned to recognize the signs of potential emotionally charged information and to step back. Take a breath. And see what else is out there to support or dispute or simply add to my body of knowledge. After a little research, I think I can say that the X and Y situation is no different than previous summer's. I'm not passing judgment on the rightness or wrongness, so to speak, but saying that this is where we have chosen to work and this is how it goes; no worse than previous summers and unfortunately no better.

So while I wish the Big They would change for the better in this particular area, this is what it is. The threat is not new and not worse - it just is. What others have been saying isn't wrong, but it is more complicated and there are other perspectives and other information.

So, just breathe and hold onto my goals and intentions.

And writing. Did I tell you that writing helps relieve stress and helps the negativity move through so it doesn't get stuck and become something worse? It does. And so I write.

Another video below to go with today's update.

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