Friday, May 18, 2012

Razor's Edge: 5/18/12

Last night I interpreted my last show of the 2011-12 season. The interpreter I worked with has one more show left at PCS this season; but this was the first time she and I worked together. It was, as some people say, "like butter." Our preparation styles matched, our philosophy of this work matched, and I think our presentation styles matched. She was a joy to work with and this show, Black Pearl Sings, was nice to work on. Even after having seen the show several times and listening to recordings constantly for a couple of weeks, I will miss it. We met the two actors before the show and they were nice, welcoming. A very nice end of season show for me in all aspects. And I feel really good about our interpretation last night.

Tomorrow starts another Lit Star Training with Ariel Gore in her Literary Kitchen. I have almost completed my introduction to this session, but am still making tweaks and trying to trim it just a bit. I tend to get a little wordy. I'm looking forward to this next session and the timing is very good.

As I reconfigure and revision my work life, as I move from the creative interpretation of plays stage to the annual logistical planning for the next season, as I move into another level of revision on my book - a new Lit Star session begins.


Today's prompt is to look at your life. Or use the life of a character, if you are writing fiction. Identify a significant event which has either just ended or is in the process. And identify one new venture which is just ahead. Now look around you or around your character and find the transitional action or object or being. What is there in your life or your character's life which will help ferry you/him/her through this period of time.

Start with a list of 6-10 possibilities and pick whichever stands out strongest for you. Or take the first one which comes to mind.

Tell me what will help this you or this being get through the current time and toward the goal. What do you see? Feel? Smell? What colors are around you? The temperature? Paint the setting with your words and show me how you feel.

Write for 8 minutes after you have your ending and goal.

The following is a piece of music which I believe fits this type of writing. It's just under 3 minutes long, so feel free to repeat, or let it help you get started and then just go on without it. You may recognize it from the movie, The Piano.