Friday, February 24, 2012

Razor's Edge 2/24/12


Today's Razor's Edge is made up of a video of a performance of Miwa Matreyek's work, with optional word prompt if you need or want a little more.

Miwa performed this piece at T:BA11 at The Works. Even though I missed some of The Works performances, this one was high on my list to see and I made it. It is nice to see it again here - and it was incredible to see in person.

For today's prompt, just sit back and watch the video. If you can, make it full screen and let it wash over you, enter into her world. There are a few glimpses where you get to see her behind the scenes work - and I don't think that detracts. Let it take you to another perspective, if you can.

Be the performer.

Be the ground or the earth where her story is rooted.

Be another being in her performance.

Watch, listen, let it in.

If you'd like a start, use one of these prompts - and write! Ten minutes - go.

"But I've lived there and I know that ......

"As I reached toward him I noticed .....