Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update: not a hate crime? oh, I see.

From the Poets & Writers Daily News:

"Upon further inquiry, Harvard University Police are no longer investigating the damage done to a section of gay- and lesbian-themed books at the Lamont Library as a hate crime. Apparently, a bottle of urine of unknown origin was accidentally spilled on the titles by a library employee. (Harvard Crimson)"

I don't know if it is or isn't. But when I read this, I thought, of course they're no longer investigating it as a hate crime; of course. This would never happen at Harvard that there would be a hate crime against LBGTQ. Never. My cynicism showing again. Of course it could be innocent. Or not. And we'll never know.

Because it's Harvard.

Because it was urine of unknown origin.

Which just happened to be left in the LGBTQ section of the book stacks.

Because it was a library employee.

Who accidentally spilled it. The unknown urine.

On what just happened to be LGBTQ books. Excuse me, LGBTQ themed books.

So we'll never know.

Because it's Harvard.

And things will get better.

Hmmm. Let me ponder this further.

We'll never know.