Saturday, December 25, 2010

from WOW!: "...Getting Your Conference List Together"

As some of you may remember, I'm undecided about attending writers' conferences. As with so many things, there are pros and cons - of course. But writers' conferences are different than the conferences I usually attend (interpreting, arts, LGBQT, etc) and the format - so far - hasn't worked that well for me. I won't rehash the list of reasons right now, because I'm actually passing along a link to a WOW! post about getting ready to attend conferences. It's a nice article about preparation for the conferences and I wanted to pass it along.

I'm considering a writing conference next summer in a different location. I'm not ready to give up on them yet; I need to try at least a couple more to see if what I've experienced is the norm or was due to the organizers/region/participants and there are writers' conferences out there that are more my style.

So - enough about me! Click the link below to go to The Muffin for an article to help you prepare for attending a conference.

WOW! Women On Writing Blog: Search, Select, Shape & Shove Off: Getting Your Conference List Together