Wednesday, September 15, 2010

T:BA:10 Tuesday 9/14

Tonight I went to the Gare St. Lazare Players (an Irish drama troupe), The Beckett Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies and The Unnamable. They took these three writings and turned them into stage performances. The production is billed as 3 hours, but it actually ran 3 hours and 40 minutes. I enjoyed it. Even given its length, it held my attention - and that in spite of being very tired, too.

Conor Lovett did an excellent job of pacing and presentation. His facial expressions and body movements were good and convincing. It was a delight to watch and listen to him. I think that people who are feel like Beckett is "Waiting for Godot" and don't see the point should see this production if you can. I think it makes Beckett accessible and entertaining. And, yes, it's one man on stage, talking, and talking, and talking. And he does it well.