Saturday, September 11, 2010

T:BA:10 my first day

PICA's T:BA:10 officially started Thursday night. I was planning to go to the opening night at The Works (the late night and visual art venue), but was tired and not wanting to deal with large crowds. We have a friend of my partner staying with us and we decided to go out for dinner and I chose that instead of TBA. Which put me to bed earlier and I got an excellent night of sleep.

So last night I started my annual performance arts festival attendance. I've also vowed to not overwhelm myself this year! This is art, creativity, theater (which includes research for my profession), and I can miss some things. I have to work as the festival plays out its 10 days, so some things are nixed already. I did rearrange my schedule to be able to see the most important to me performances - except one tonight. I made an error and scheduled work at the same time as one of my favorites, Ten Tiny Dances; I thought it was a different night. Since the event's founder is local, I will have an opportunity to see the event, though not some of the performers. Such is life - choices and sometimes there simply is not enough time.

But back to my first event late night last night.

A film and music collaboration. Again I've found that many of the art films don't reach me. I can't even comment on my assessment or review of quality. Again, the film was too repetitive, too loud, I felt disonnected from the content and like I was being deliberately held at bay. I didn't get it. And I tried. Was it good? I don't know - not to me. But the videographer is a legend, experienced, has won awards. The musician is acclaimed, as well. Two men anpt computers on opposite sides of the stage with a giant screen upstage between them. Color, sounds, electronic, manipulated, distracted. Where's the enagement, to nuance, the ??

I'll keep trying - but it left me empty.

Conversely. My first event was Mike Daisey's "The Agoncy and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs." Amazing. Daisey is a monologue performer with political overtones. There is nothing "undertone" about him. He is funny, loud, serious, and a self-proclaimed geek. A lover of everything Apple. And he has a message. An important and loud message. Well written, well performed. Worth attending if you're local. He'll be doing this one again tomorrow and Monday. Next week he'll be trying out some ideas for new material.

I'll update throughout the festival. Right now I'm waiting for the start of "gloria's cause."
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