Thursday, August 20, 2009

this is what i meant

The last whitewater kayak trip was from McIver Park to Carver Park. There were a few "floaters" along the way, but the numbers and variety of floating things increased as we continued. Especially from Barton Park to Carver - whew! Some places they were practically wall to wall with not a lot of room to maneuver through them. They were on innertubes, air mattresses, kiddy pool toys, kiddy pools; many of them were drinking (regardless of age); many of them were smoking (yes, while floating down the river tied or held together by hand, through rapids, drunk and/or high). The percentage of actual inflatable boats in this photograph is much higher than what we experienced a month ago. It did get a little annoying.

Today there was this picture from, which is a brief glimpse of what we experienced. It was a warm weekend - we should have known! Next time, we go during the week if we can.