Saturday, August 22, 2009

spoken word: "Fight. Have Sex. Think. Sleep."

Spoken word artist Juliana Luecking, aka QueenJuliana, of Kill Rock Stars and live performance fame, has done some really nice work. It is alive and real and makes you think and touches deep inside. She has a great series, mostly on YouTube and on Moli, called "People are a Trip" which asks the big questions and gets a lot of answers. She also has a CD with some amazine pieces, called "Big Boned Broad" which I listen to repeatedly. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is also a massage therapist and reiki practitioner.

If you like this one, go see more of her work.

If you don't like this one, go see more of her work. You'll probably find one that speaks to you. Humor, politics, the arts, filmmaking, life, opera, New York City, people.

Click here to watch her short piece, Fight. Have Sex. Think. Sleep.
"People live in all nine stories of that building. They fight, have sex, think, sleep, make good art and bad decisions. They have unruly hair in the morning, complicated schedules during the day, and tasteful quiet dinners at night. Their gruffness in the stairwell is completely appropriate. The building is on Broadway, just south of Union Square in Manhattan.