Wednesday, March 4, 2009

paddles up!

Last night was Miss Fit Dragons' first night of practice *on* the water. The river was calm. It was not raining. There was no wind. The boat was relatively free of water even though our practice time started at 8 pm.


I'm so glad I hung in there through my doubts about the huge commitment. About doing a team event. About wondering if my shoulders and wrists and arms could do it. The running up and down the flights of stairs at the coach/trainer's office as part of our circuit training.

Being on the water, the paddles dipping and pulling
and resting together. The moments
when timing was pretty spot on
and we glided through the water -

Paddling water is so much easier
than paddling air.

Photograph of a previous
Miss Fit Adventures
Dragon Boat team
(the Miss Fit Dragons).