Wednesday, March 11, 2009

blog ethics

Today I received an email from a friend about a mutual blog. There are, I think, five of us who can contribute to it; but it has been mostly inactive. It was a good idea, born of a "cabal" style workshop/group which someone other than today's email writer set up two or so years ago. But little has been posted recently and it was dormant for a long time.

I have this blog. The email writer has two of his own blogs, as well as work-related blogs. The person who originally set up the cabal blog has one or two blogs of her own. And we are all busy.

So, today, the cabal originator sent out an email requesting input on putting the for all practical purposes abandoned blog to sleep. So far, a second (the originator) and an aye (me). Why take up thought waves on something that was a good idea but has gone nowhere? Why give any of us one more thing to feel guilty about.

It was a great group when we were meeting in person and I wish we had time for more of that. But the blog never became a cohesive entity and no one had or has the time to keep it timely.

So, goodbye, Dramaturgy Cabal. It will be available for a little while yet, and today's email writer will announce it on the site, with a list of references to similar content which is better attended to. And soon, it will join the blogs of days past, in peace.