Sunday, March 11, 2018

Swimming in Words

I'm still writing. Still in the online manuscript class with Ariel Gore and it is fantastic and progress is being made. I have had some major insights and rewrites and this project is getting done!

photo by Domi Shoemaker
I'm preparing to interpret some theatre. Which is awesome. The first is an incredible, new, vibrant musical of "Scarlet" - The Scarlet Letter from Hester's perspective.

The last two weekends I interpreted poetry competitions (high school student reciting published works of Poets from across the ages). That is always an inspirational and exciting event. And our amount of preparation is huge - but I love it.

And I'm writing. At the end of this month I have a Corporeal Writing workshop and boy, do I need that infusion, too. I've haven't been in a workshop with Lidia Yuknavitch since last summer and I am looking forward to this one (it's one of the seasonal series). I did have a workshop with Brigid Yuknavitch last fall and that was so, so good.

And. That's what I'm doing. Interpreting, writing, theater. I have written the bones of a couple of essays, but there is much to go before those are done. But it's a start so that I won't lose those thoughts.

And I'm wondering what to do with this blog. I'd like to revise it, but right now, I have plenty to do and not the same amount time. It's all good and the balance will come.

Right? Right.