Sunday, February 18, 2018

Moving the Manuscript Forward

It's been a while since I've written about my writing, about the process I'm in.

I have been writing quite a bit. I started the winter manuscript class with Ariel Gore strong, writing and editing every day. As theatre commitments increased, the writing decreased.

The good news is that writing never fell off. It just slid farther down the time scale as I prepared for two plays.

Then, this last week, I had no theater. No shows to watch for preparation, no translations to work on, no rehearsals. So, good news, more time for writing. These past three days I have done a lot of editing. I even enjoyed the editing process, which is new. My new system is working and - surprise - I am not hating editing! It has felt good to be in the flow of editing. And, while I initially was giving myself a hard time about it, I stopped that nonsense, too.

This project is going to the next level. I am taking it to the next level. While I am not going to get this draft done before the end of the workshop, I have already made significant progress and am going to continue. In a couple of weeks I have three weeks of intense interpreting work (on top of my regularly intense VRS work, smile) but right now I know that I will keep working on this. The amount of time will decrease a bit, necessarily, but I will not be stopped.

Taking this book to the next level. And I'm having fun!