Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Submission Time

I've been working on a piece for submission for a few weeks. I've had three people read it: my partner, a friend/writer friend, and that friend's friend who is a writer and editor. I've gotten a lot of feedback (now and in previous attempts at this story). I've cut 1,200 words, added small bits, moved things around, rewritten, fought with a title, killed some darlings and dumped some junk.

The time is now.

The deadline is tomorrow. No, wait, the deadline is today! About 20 hours from now (a little less).

I'm ready to submit.

But, wait! They want a cover "letter" (in Submittable, so 'letter' isn't quite that but it is).

Oh no.

Okay, I can do this. The hard part is done, I have two and a half pairs of thumbs up on the final draft (the friend of the friend hasn't seen the final-final version; but it was his feedback which led me to the final touches which made S say, "don't touch it!").

It's just a little cover letter. Yeah. Um. Right.

Twenty Minutes of Cover Letter Progress