Friday, November 20, 2015

NaNo Update through Day 19

It has been an interesting couple of days. Not in writing, but in life. And the "interesting" did affect my (lack of) writing, though I managed to knock out some words tonight.

Not very interesting words. But I wrote more than nothing. And I just noticed: not very many green days in the month so far. But not very many red ones, either. Balance!

I am in the final days - officially, today, Friday is my final day - of prep to interpret "Broomstick." That is the fun part. Last night (meaning Wednesday night) we watched the play again, and I signed through it, followed by feedback and some discussion with my understudy. This is a one-character, one actor play so we have one interpreter, but with an understudy in case something happens and as a support and someone to bounce ideas off of; she has been great! The show last night was fantastic. And I'm doing more work on my own; I will be interpreting the play on Saturday.

So, not much written today. But in the morning I'm taking my car in for an oil change and it happens to be right next door to a nice coffee shop. So, yes, please, I WILL wait while you do the oil change and no hurry. I'll be next door with coffee and breakfast and my laptop, writing.

I am significantly behind on the word count now. I won't tell you how many. I will say that the target for November 19th was 31,667 so you can see for yourself that I'm several thousand behind.

But, the good news is that after the play on Saturday, I am heading to the coast for my annual November writing retreat. So, my lagging word count will be erased. And I should be able to get ahead. Way ahead, I hope. Because I'm coming back to a string of work.

What's happening in the story? Not a lot. Words are happening. And even what is happening within those is being kept under close wraps. Very close. Between me and the laptop and Scrivener.

Okay. Now to bed so I can get up, drop of the car, and write!