Friday, April 4, 2014

Write a Lune - NaPoWriMo Day Four

‎The poetry prompt for today, from NaPoWriMo is...

"... to write a lune. A lune is a sort of English-language variation on the haiku, meant to better render the tone of the Japanese haiku than the standard 5-7-5 format we all learned (and maybe loved) in elementary school. There are a couple of variants on the lune form, but just to keep things simple, let's try the version developed by Jack Collum. His version of the lune involves a three-line stanza. The first line has three words. The second line has five, and the third line has three. You can write a poem that consists of just one stanza, or link many lune-stanzas together into a unified poem. "

You can read my three writing lunes over at The Writing Vein Playground.