Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Today's Horse Fueled by Recall and Wear Bars

Another day "off" filled with appointments and meetings and. Did I say "off"? What I mean is that I'm not interpreting anywhere today.

Right now I'm having one of those there-has-to-be-a-horse-in-here moments. The "shit" is that my car had a recall, which was announced with a fluorescent yellow postcard, so I scheduled the appointment to fix it for today, which had to be done at the dealer. Then with the car's oil change and checkup last week at our regular mechanic, they confirmed that, yes, the tread on the tires is very near the wear bars and they need to be replaced. So I checked prices and was surprised that the dealer would actually give me a better price on new tires than other places, including our trusted and beloved mechanic, so I called the dealer and added it to the list of tasks to be addressed today.

So, right now I'm sitting at a restaurant, on my 3rd cup of decaf, my breakfast plate cleared. Still waiting for my car. With the recall work and the tires, the time estimate was two and a half to three hours. The recall is a software update, so part of the completion time is dependent on the speed and reliability of the internet.

The horse is that I planned for that. I didn't expect three hours, but I'm prepared for it. The horse is that I have my laptop and the nearby restaurant where I'm sitting has wifi and I'm writing.

I completed the first draft of today's NaPoWriMo poem and it's posted over at The Writing Vein Playground. I edited a short essay I wrote last week and have been searching for a home for that (I'm considering submitting it to Readers Write at The Sun; although it's a little long for that and I think I'd rather find another location where it can be published in its entirety). And right now - well, as soon as I complete this post - I'm working on another story.

I am noticing the absence of working on the M-book. It is not forgotten. I see that it is not on my list. I'm anticipating having a block of time to work on it in May. After Othello.