Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Performance and Writing

I didn't make it to Burnt Tongue 7 on Saturday.

The sign through for Bo-Nita went well, but I'd woken up with the beginnings of a sore throat and low energy. After signing through the play, we did feedback and had a discussion with the Deaf sign coach. When we were done, it was really close to the start of the event. I knew I needed to go home and take Wellness. Which I am still doing. I believe the illness which was attempting to sneak in has been kept at bay. Although I am still doing the traditional "drink plenty of fluids and rest" routine so it doesn't make its way in, as I've been around others who had symptoms beyond an achy throat. I don't want to get sick before Thursday.

I don't want to get sick at all. But especially not for Thursday.

I'm disappointed, but I know that I can't always do everything I want to do. I will check the date for the next Burnt Tongue can hopefully make it to that one. Although, if I'm remembering correctly, I saw the date somewhere and it is on a day I will be out of town. I will get to a Burnt Tongue reading; soon, I hope.

In other news, my Tuesday writing partner is going to have to miss a couple of weeks. This will be my personal dedication of keeping the same time and date while she is gone. I will. I will be there with my laptop and writing. And now that I've made it a public announcement, that very nearly guarantees it!

I've been having some creative bursts, which . More in thought than action, but that's good, too. I'm making notes and filing them. The timing is right, because my next play is in late April. I do have a couple of performance interpreting gigs in March (a poetry recitation competition and the Sign Mudra Indian dance performance with Jayanthi Raman) - but those events are different in terms of my brain space and writing than interpreting a play. The poetry and the dance performance still take time and preparation, but the creative process and focus is different than for a play.

I'm also excited about a couple of theater projects I've been asked to help with, or consult on, or something. Obviously the details are still being worked out and with one, very little is known at this point. But I am also feeling good about the performance related opportunities in my life right now.

"Is You Writing?" Lester asked.
Theater is one of my creative outlets. One of these projects does involve writing and creating. It will involve working with the Deaf Community and with theater. Perfect! No more details are available to share at this point. But it is exciting and I hope it will come together. We are still in the initial meeting to work out details phase - but I will keep you posted when it comes to be an actual event, ready for public announcement.

So, here I am. At my Tuesday writing place, with my decaf, fritatta, and GF bagel - writing. Tuesday post written? Check. Now onto working on the radio script. And maybe a flash fiction piece if I get bogged down in editing the script.