Friday, January 31, 2014

Creativity is Flowing and the River is Moving Fast

I'm still writing. In this last week I listened to a recording of a radio script I'm working on - a second or third draft, not the final one. It was very helpful to hear them read it. To hear where they stumbled or laughed or said "I like this" or "WTF." And to hear my too often used words. I've been focusing on the script revision and it is slow going. I'm editing content, as well as trying to add appropriate radio script formatting, sound cues, and all of those technical things. I appreciate the producer and the actors taking the time to make this rough, uncut recording of the script so far; it is very helpful. Like realizing that the "slice of life" story I created is fine, but the ending isn't. Right now the characters all seem to just disappear off the edge of a cliff or something. I need to add a little more "oomph" and end with something a little more solid, as well as making my point a little more clear, because it isn't. I also wrote a guest blog post for Portland Center Stage this week, and have started working on another post for them for an upcoming show.

I interpreted a fantastic production of "Eyes for Consuela" at Profile Theatre last week. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and haven't seen it, yet, I highly recommend seeing the play. It's the first play for Profile in their new space, the first play in the Sam Shepard series, and it is really good. The interpreted performance is over, but the play continues through this weekend. Go!

And I am interpreting a unique play which is making its West Coast premiere at CoHo Theater on Friday night, January 31 (and there will be a second interpreted performance on Sunday, February 2 at 2:00 pm). The play is "Enjoy" by Toshiki Okada. The script has virtually no blocking or set cues or anything other than dialogue. And the actors don't have names; they are designated as Actor 1, Actor 2, Actress 1, and so on. There are names of characters within the play - they are just not written in the script because. Well, nevermind. That would be giving a part of the play away. It is another play worth seeing. The actors do a great job, the directing is solid, and it is an intimate setting for an intimate play.

I realized that it has been over a week since I posted. I wanted to catch up. Because I know I won't be posting anything tomorrow.

I am feeling creative, in spite of some "tension in the field" of my life. That situation has been pervasive and is at a point where it is out of our hands and the process and resolution will take some time. Yet I am holding onto my creativity. This is good. And it's new - holding on when there is a significant event happening and it's winter. The pace right now is busy; I'm in the current, and life is on the move.