Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let the Party Begin


It's finally here! Nine hours from now, I will have begun my 2013 NaNoNovel, "The Center of the Univers." I will see what stories the characters have to tell and, maybe, have an idea where we're headed.

Tomorrow there will be a color in the first box of my NaNoWordCount box. As long as there isn't a technology glitch. Which often happen at the beginning of NaNoWriMo, as the system is pushed to its limits and beyond. Or maybe it won't crash this year. Sometimes it's not a crash, but some of the features are disabled at the beginning of the event since there is so much activity in the first few days. After the pack thins a bit and we all get under way, there aren't as many writers logging in at the same time.

So there will, hopefully, be a green square in November first early tomorrow morning. I am assuming I will get at least 1,667 words written at the midnight write-in - which is how I earn a green square. (The colors range from red=no wriring recorded; orange=a few words; yellow = a lot of words but less than the daily average.)

Oh, and it's Halloween. Make sure to have a kale and broccli salad, and a healthy protein if you're indulging in the sweetness of the day. Even if you're not into the rampant sources of sugar of this day, some good protein and a large portion of vegetables is a good idea.

And for al the Wrimos getting ready for the start of another period of writing intensity, protein is an essential option for optimal brain function.

Happy Halloween/Samhain and Happy NaNoWriting Day!