Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Overlapping Interests

* I've been busy writing about theatre, to theatre personnel, to the interpreting access teams, to producers. I've been writing feedback and my section of a standard practice paper related to performance interpreting. I've written and edited a prose poem which has become a spoken word piece. I've started a new piece for the memoir and wrote another piece which I shared with my Friday writing group.

I also submitted one piece to a publication last week and another piece to a different publication this week. It feels good to be back on the submissions track!

But I haven't written here for over a week. Not that I haven't been writing; just not here. I've even posted on PAIA (Performing Arts Interpreting Alliance) as the 2013-14 theatre season starts up, and there's much to do.

This week the first interpreted play at Portland Center Stage takes place on Thursday, September 19th at 7:30 pm, "The Mountaintop." And one of the interpreters I'm working with on "Fiddler on the Roof" (interpreted 10/3) and I went to our first viewing of the show last week. So theatre is in my schedule now, too.

Although I primarily talk about writing here, I do want to share this video, which is about theatrical interpreting. The two people being interviewed were the first sign language interpreters on Broadway (Alan Champion, on of the interviewees, passed away a few years ago). They are also two of the founders of the intensive Interpreting for the Theatre training which took place in NYC at Juilliard under the Theatre Development Fund for many years, (which I attended in 2001).

Just a little crossover in the important parts of my life - and a wonderful explanation of theatrical interpreting. This is my basic approach to theatrical and performance interpreting, as well.

Thank you, Candace and Alan, and TDF. And everyone else in the wonderful experience which was the intensive training - for your skills and guidance and for the awesome work you continue to do. *