Monday, June 10, 2013

Powerhouse Workshop

I am delighted to say that today I registered for an amazing workshop in October. I heard about the workshop the weekend I was up in Port Townsend for Lidia Yuknavitch's workshop and knew that I would sign up as soon as I could ... and I did. It is up at Port Townsend, again, through The Writer's Workshoppe.

I am excited, energized, and, oh, I already said excited.

There isn't even a full description of the workshop available yet and I don't care.

The reason? Here is the reason:


  Oct 5th and 6th, 2013
"We know! We are as thrilled as you are!

Description to be announced soon, but let’s just say this weekend will blow the top of your head off and set your writing on fire. Yes, you can sign up now. $300. This workshop will be limited to 32 participants divided into 2 groups. You will have Lidia Yuknavitch one day and Dorothy Allison the next day. On Saturday night we will have a reading with BOTH OF THEM. "

'Nuf said, right?

I also reconnected with a friend at another friend's wedding on Sunday - who is a writer, among the long list of other talents she has (massage therapist, artist, and more). We discovered that we live about nine blocks from each other. She has a major piece of writing on-hold-in-the-works and we talked about setting up some writing dates. Times where we show up to just write. To support and write. Scheduling may be a challenge but how many times have you read those words in my writing? Many, I know.

I'm writing. Writing is "in the field" so to speak. Creativity is flowing.

And I got a seat with Lidia and Dorothy!

Call me smiley.