Friday, March 29, 2013

News, Accolade, and Sound

You've probably already read the announcement : Amazon is buying Goodreads.

Some of you reading this might be saying, "So?" Others might say, "Good - what?" And then there are the opinions of the expanding control of Amazon as a good idea, a bad idea, who cares. I'm not sure what I think yet - my thoughts fall on both sides of the issue right now.

Amazon, who has its own publishing company (which is related to but separate from, I've been told) in addition to the mega online shopping site, which sells millions (probably bazillions) of books. 

I have a Goodreads account, but haven't really gotten into the social networking side of it. As a writer, I've been trying to build my presence there, but didn't feel the need to add one more internet site to my list of places I should be spending time. It's interesting to look up reviews - but the book reviews I really follow are from people I know, and I can just ask them. I don't need another website for social networking.

Amazon already tells me what books (and other products) it thinks I would be interested in based on past purchases (which may or may not have been for me) and on items I've looked at. Amazon also already purchased, which is where I get audiobooks. The up-side of Amazon buying Audible has been - well, I'm not really sure. That I now have one login name and password to remember for both websites? 

What will it mean with Goodreads? It's obviously more than just about encouraging people to read, as most of the articles mention. They wouldn't make a big money purchase unless there was the expectation of big money return. 

It's happening. No going back. And here is one article about it, if you haven't seen one yet.


The accolade goes to kd lang, who was recently named the Greatest Canadian Singer by the CBC.

As a longtime fan of kd lang, this makes me happy. Her music has spanned several genres, she has been true to her music and herself, and she is a talented musician. I loved her country and cowgirl songs, swooned with her crooning songs, and have listened to her covers and crossovers. She is also a delight to see live.

Click on here to read the article:

And, of course, I must share a video of her singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. There are many renditions of this song and hers is right there on top.


The final find for today is this, the Buddha Machine.

It's an endless loop music device, created back in 2005. There was recently a new edition put out and I discovered it in an article in Shambala Sun about music and Buddhism.

I'm not even going to try to describe it beyond that. Read it for yourself on the webstie. For me, this has great possibility for writing, for walking and working out, for making art; for many things.

Oh, and yes, there is an app for that! See the website or iTunes. Now if they'd just expand the app to Blackberry...