Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buddha Machine Wall

I've been searching out more information about the Buddha Machine and have discovered a couple of things to note. One, it is based on an older device, called various names such as "Taiwanese digital jukebox" or "digital Buddhist jukebox" and variations on those. Those devices are still available, as well, and come in a variety of sizes. "Size" being relative to their physical measurements but also relative to the number of songs; I found quite a few models with three to twelve songs, and then there were some with up to 69 songs.

I also found the FM3 Buddha Machine Wall. So, while the Buddha Machine app won't install on a desktop and not everyone in the world owns an i-Device, there are options.

I had fun playing with the Wall. You can mix and match sounds, adding and deleting them. I like it. My partner, who was sitting nearby working on her computer, wasn't as thrilled with my find. We like many of the same things - including music - but this was not one of them. But I find it soothing and inspiring. Next time I'm doing some heavy editing, I think I'll whip up a special combination and let it help me keep focused on the task on the keyboard. I mean, sometimes I like editing and sometimes I'm easily distracted; this will help with the distracted times.

Try it.

(This is a photo of the Buddha Machine Wall. But I've hooked it up as a link to the actual Wall, so go ahead, click on the picture.)