Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So, here we are, in 2013

I feel like I've been rather silent over the holidays. I contemplated various topics to write about: inspirational, insightful, or my more typical meandering and random. I did manage to write a little bit about Solstice and, thanks to Gretchin and Sven I posted a fun video on the 24th.
So here it is on the first day of a new year and I thought I'd check in.
I won't be listing resolutions for the coming year. I won't reflect on the year that just ended, either. I can look back through my posts on The Writing Vein or check my Facebook Timeline and see what I highlighted throughout the year - not that those are everything which happened nor that those were necessarily the most important things. But those two places do hold some keys to what happened in me in the year 2012, which is now behind us.
I don't make resolutions because they feel like a set-up and, if it is something worth doing, then I will just do it. And not just because I decided at the beginning of a new year to try something new or to renew or whatever. I've learned that sometimes things happen in life over which we have little to no control. So flexibility and balance are what's needed and, for me, it's better to just do the right thing because it's what feels right for me and what makes sense, rather than promising to do something which could be arbitrarily interrupted. Those who know me in the physical world (or what friend Steve Nail recently called the "meat world" - thanks, Steve!) know that I like to keep my commitments. So, I don't make resolutions.

I do set intentions.

My intentions are few but strong:
  • to renew my writing schedule, including focused editing on both the novel and the memoir;
  • to find physical activities which are also fun and varied enough to fit my schedule and interests (to which I can say I am off to a great start with the new Wii, including Wii Fit with the balance board; will also include hiking when the weather is a little better, and hopefully kayaking again);
  • to maintain some true down time in my schedule (pajamas til 5pm kind of days);
  • to spend more quality time with my partner;
  • to spend more time with friends - talking, writing, hiking, creating, bicycling, eating or drinking wine, and more;
  • to be present.

It's 2013. I remember when that seemed very far into the future, so far that I couldn't really imagine it, other than in a Piers Anthony or Ray Bradbury kind of way. But here we are.

Goodbye, 2012. You weren't the worst of years and I can say there were some good things. But there were also some trials and bumpy moments which I'm glad to have resolved and behind me.

So, welcome, 2013. May we be good friends and travel smoothly along a creative and innovative path.

Happy writing, painting, sculpting, dancing, filmmaking, business endeavors, and a good life filled with health and prosperity for all.

Happy 2013.