Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Day in the Creative Life

Today was a very creative day. One I wondered how I would make it through when I was looking ahead on Tuesday. And then one email arrived requiring attention and I fell behind. The next day another email I couldn't ignore and needed to do something about.

Requests for time I didn't have and I already had work from the two writers in my Monday writing group which were awaiting feedback which I had glanced at but barely begun.

And notes to put down about the Saturday workshop I'm leading so they weren't just hanging in my head, where they could get lost in the flurry of activity.

A blog post to write for one theater company and reminder to send out about this week's interpreted performance.

My own writing left waiting untouched until ... what? Until there is time? Until after I have a chance to breathe a little and then I can tackle my own words for my own book.

So that's where I am.

I woke up this morning with this big day ahead. A new approach planned and I wasn't quite sure how it was all going to come together.

It did.

I did my workout first thing in the morning, after a few almonds to quiet my hungry but not ready to eat tummy. I made a cup of tea in the microwave which would be heavily steeped, just as I like it, when I was done with my workout.

Then a light breakfast and a shower and...

Off to a performance of the play I'm interpreting next week. Wait?!? But I was interpreting another play tonight.

Yes. And with the timing of these two plays, I needed to see the other one today because tomorrow night I'm doing a "sign-thru" for the sign coach and I needed to see the play one more time before that. 

My confidence was boosted after the matinee. I have this character down and I know the play and I'm nearly ready. I need the Deaf eyes and the feedback and discussion about some interpreting choices - but I'm ready and know the story.

Then I went home and had a very healthy and light vegetable and cottage cheese lunch. And went upstairs to write the blog post and go over tonight's play again - to wrap my head around "The Road to Mecca" and let go of the story of James Beard just for tonight.

And I did.

I also sent out a reminder email to the workshop participants.

Tonight's interpreted performance went really well. We were ready. We both knew the show and had our characters and our interpretations down and we work well together; it was good.

Now here I am at home, catching up just a little. I'm taking a break from feedback at the moment.

And life feels very good right now. And creative.

Theater. Writing. Mentoring. And more theater. More writing. True that I haven't worked on my own book yet today - but I will do that this weekend; perhaps even a little tomorrow.

This was a good day.