Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who Are You, more

I've been thinking about the post earlier this week and I still stand by it. But I've also been thinking about it more.

One question raised is how to know when it's a being true to oneself change or if it's a not-in-the-writer's-best-interest change being considered? I didn't mean that change is bad. That we shouldn't work to improve and strengthen our skills and our persona and so on.

If that is our truth. Who we are and what we want to do.

And mimicking our writing heroes isn't bad or wrong, but we have to hold our own voice, too.

It's good to experiment.

It's good to try out, to learn, new skills. Because in that process we may find another part of ourselves we didn't know was there. We may discover that we're good at this other genre or style or maybe poetry when we thought we couldn't do it.

The key is to stay mindful of what we're doing and how it feels. To know first what we want and our intention and then check if the action fits with that vision.

This leaf, which I call my Autumn Ambassador, appeared on a walk recently; alone on the sidewalk, bright, calling. The rich colors surrounding the heart of green, wearing it's bloodlines - the veins - boldly and proudly. It is unique and yet it shares characteristics with other leaves from its home tree.

We are each unique and at the same time a part of the whole. Know your voice and be mindful of and true to your writer-self.